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Welcome to Irrational Number Line Games' little home on the web! We hope to become a comfortable stop in the eternal journey for that perfect wargaming experience. Tutorials, examples, and templates abound on the Internet, many with lots of tips for high end details. Our main effort is providing examples, ideas, and suggestions for the regular wargamer. Nothing wrong with high end stuff. We love it and we buy tons of it. But there's also nothing wrong with finding ways to do good, solid work without investing every spare hour in detailomania.

Our forté is simple, cheap, yet (surprisingly?) robust aids for wargaming. Tools, games, scenarios, swag, advice, examples, experience, philosophical musings, resources, hints, tips, miscelanea. We will both provide our own (some for free, some for sale) and point you to others' (some for sale, some for free). And we hope (again) to help wargamers who stop by to share, trade, and learn.


01 JUN 2020 : Lizards .... in .... Spaaaaaaaaace! Well, at least lizards with sci fi weaponry.

31 MAY 2020 : City Terrain - fountains.

30 MAY 2020 : I repurposed some scale template pieces to make temporary military shelters.

29 MAY 2020 : Spaceship? Check! Navigation? ... Ooops! Looks like this one is now a spaceshipwreck!

26 MAY 2020 : Spaceship? Check! Runabout Ship Check! ... and now a docking station to connect them!

26 MAY 2020 : My Iron Snakes army gets some jetbikes.

25 MAY 2020 : And such a lovable big galoot.

25 MAY 2020 : Feel like hiding out? Try this amazing camouflage technique!

24 MAY 2020 : Quack, Quack! It's ... The Penguin.

24 MAY 2020 : Just a quick picture of some steampunk dragonflies!

16 MAY 2020 : More Sci fi rats.

16 MAY 2020 : Derp got his new paint job. Purple!

11 MAY 2020 : Several box buildings done with different techniques for wasteland, modern/near future, and postapoc.

09 MAY 2020 : Another Borg cube ... This time it glows!

04 MAY 2020 : The Green Man

28 APR 2020 : Brain Monsters!

25 APR 2020 : New box buildings with clay details.

23 APR 2020 : The plasticville O scale church makes a nice 28mm chapel with a couple of mods for indoor-outdoor.

23 APR 2020 : One more add on for my wierd cavalry, one more chicken rider.

23 APR 2020 : More WH40K Iron Snakes fodder. This time erinyes based on Greek myth.

22 APR 2020 : I got some Seekers of Slannesh ... 40K thingies for a conversion process. Nice figures. Fun to work with.

21 APR 2020 : CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Check out this guy, Derp: derp I am wondering how to paint him ... suggestions? email
Here's a coloring book page of him, if you want: derp

21 APR 2020 : The kids are alright. A'ight?

20 APR 2020 : Took a few minutes to document a couple of skeleton projects. With a side order of lizards!

23 MAR 2020 : Grapefruit is yummy. And the box makes a nice cube spaceship!

22 MAR 2020 : Keeping with giant things, I use a 6" doll ... er ... manly action figure ... to make a colossal statue !

21 MAR 2020 : A giant (for 28mm) monster project that kind of looks like a loaf of Swedish bread.

18 MAR 2020 : Just a few ruin pieces to spice up the table.

17 MAR 2020 : Castles in the sand are fun. In this case we are using a sandcastle buliding toy as a frame to make some. sci-fi bulwarks. The even have sand teturing on them.

11 FEB 2020 : Time to make a few percussion instruments.

10 FEB 2020 : A few repaints and some scratchbuilds for my son's Tau force.

09 FEB 2020 : I like lots of the 40K fluff, including the Iron Snakes stuff. Probably mostly because I play a lot of skirmish. So I made some. Then I ran across this titan stuff (newer?). So 40K goes mecha. And I had just the thing to pump up my Iron Snakes ... a Polyphemus class knight-titan!

08 FEB 2020 : Moving on to some terrain, we put together parts for a box canyon. So what would you use for that, other than ... well ... boxes?

30 JAN 2020 : Turning infantry into cavalry.

29 JAN 2020 : A new vehicle project using the container that the poker chips I use for figure bases come in. Repurpose ... don't even need reuse and recycle.

28 JAN 2020 : Yet more vermin animal tribe orcs. What now? Bunnies!

27 JAN 2020 : What do you get if you cross Necrons and mounted fantasy skeletons? Necron Cavalry!

26 JAN 2020 : You know what would make orcs better? If they could fly! So here's a wing and a prayer ...

25 JAN 2020 : Happy New Year! It's now the year of the Metal Rat!

11 OCT 2019 : More goblins. More cavalry. This time Goblin bat cavalry is adding to the yellow horde.

09 OCT 2019 : More kitsune. This time they are Space Marines for use with other 40K or just general scifi forces.

06 OCT 2019 : Ubndead robots from 40,000 years in the future are the stars of this conversion and scratchbuild project. Lots of fun.

29 SEP 2019 : We're all down on the farm today. The marijuana farm!

28 SEP 2019 : Goblins! Eat all you want ... we'll make more. This time, we're making cavalry and chariots for the little yellow boogers.

26 SEP 2019 : While they aren't the best tacitcal units (too powerful). The characters from DC's Sandman ... the Endless are fave of mine.

26 SEP 2019 : Chibi Ninjas!

25 SEP 2019 : More 40K conversions. This time classic Slaanesh Noise Marines.

24 SEP 2019 : From the 40K universe, a force of Chaos Marines of Nurgle. All plaguey and everything.

23 SEP 2019 : And a couple of simple conversions sci-fi and fantasy rat ogres.