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Space 1999 Repurpose

So I saw this Space 1999 model kit and figured since it was mostly terrain bits, I could repurpose them. And it is 1:48, so it's only slightly off my usual 1:56 scale stuff. And it had a bonus 1:24 vehicle, which should change it from a "moon buggy"/golf cart to an AAV sized vehicle.

So I bought it.

First cool bit - it came with a 1:24 buggy, but for some reason, it had two tops, but only one chassis and wheels for one. Well, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Regardless of where these went, I needed to close the top to make my AAV. These swag cards for a game I tested at a convention would work. I cut two rectangles to hide the open top (and the missing seats) and close the piece off.

Now I just needed to add some leftover vehicle bits. In this case from a big bag of bits I got from Mindtaker Miniatures. They're 40K bits, but really this is just a generic hatch, vent, and gun.

I decided the second top would become a wreck, so I hoisted it on a recgangular tube of thin card, and marked off a diagonal cut.

Then I mounted it on a terrain CD and made the card match the grey chassis of the other vechicle.

As a finishing touch, I stretched out some cotton balls, painted them black, and glued them on. Then a splash of metallic red and gold at the base of the smoke.

Giving me this AAV and wrecked AAV set.

But what about the lights? The kit said lights.

It did and they are here. They mounted four each in a vaccuum form molded "hill".

There was no wiring involved. The LED lights were already wired to little plugs, so you just ran the cords through the light towers, then down through the hill and plugged them into the battery pack leads. The battery pack fits under the vaccuum formed hill, so you just turn it on and off then hide it inside.

When SWMBO saw the lights, she immediately thought stadium lighting. Same thing I thought. And they work pretty good for that.

That idea also helped me with the two 1:48 "moon buggies". I painted them orange and only put on four tires ... golf carts!

I decapitated the astronauts and gave them other civilian heads, so they look like regular people in golf carts. Golf course. Medevac on the field. Runabout in a bigbox store or warehouse. Lots of good uses.

And last, but not least, the actual nuclear waste containers. I just assembled them and painted them boring black. Like singing from atmospheric reentry. Escape pods or with both, enough room for a small team insertion. Small enough to even claim stealth insertion.