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40K Second Legion

As far as I can tell, 40K lore says two legions are "lost", which I belive is intended to mean expunged, probably for reasons of heresy. I'm a big fan of heresy. Specifically, there are number of 40K heresy topics that could lead to interesting spaces.
In this case there are rumors (canon rumors, or just people posting ... IDK) that the specific heresy was committed by the Emperor. The Imperium was so threatened by an enemy that humans used xenos tech, possibly even working with them in some way.
Lots of ifs and assumptions up there, but regardless, it leads to a lovely opporunity for fun kitbashing. So, we start where every Space Marine chapter starts ... fashion design! I'm going for an armoured Roman warrior for this set. So that's what I have to work from.
This is not my artwork. I web searched "Space Marine coloring book" and found this unattributed image as the first result. If you have crayons and like 40K, it's a useful search.

The easiest part is to give them some xenos weapons. Here are Space Marines armed with Necron guns. The guy in the back on the plinth actually has a drywall anchor with a bit of green translucent plastic glued to the end, but I think it works as a large assault weapon.
And for the banner, I had some translucent green miscelanea that I got as a job lot from some board game. I think it fits the theme well.

The next level is kitbashing actual figures. These guys took on a look kind of like the Martian tech-priests, so I gave them red cloaks. I think that works with the idea and with the colour scheme.

I needed a couple of vehicles. Either that or vehicles are faster to bash and paint, so they fill up your force faster. I put Necron bodies on the Space Marine legs in the speeder and swapped out weapons. The Rhino got a spare Necron door ... wall .. plate ... whatever that is actually for.

I added some Imperial Guard support (cannon fodder) by repainting some old Mage Knight figures.

And I sculpted a combination cover on top of a HeroClix Metallo figure (being a part robot/part human was good; having a kryptonite heart lined up well with the SM/'Cron mix), so the IG would not be without a Commissar.

Here's the whole force ... so far.
I am not buying Space Marine or Necron job lots any more, but I do still have some random bits lying around. The most likely expansion is to paint up some other scifi gunts in this IG scheme. But you never know...