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Trashbasing Spaceships!

So, these aren't ships. They're the egg pods that some dinos I used elsewhere came in,

And they turned out to make really nice objectives for gaming other than the fact that I can't beat SWMBO whether I play egg protector or egg collector.

Regardless, I have a ton of them. Should I throw the excess away?

Of course not! I should glue them to a ketchup bottle!

Now they still look organic eggy, so I added a couple extra foam tubes to add to that effect.

And you're not done until it's overdone, so I added some air dry clay in random organic shapes to make a bio-spaceship.

Could be flown by this set of non-hominid species.

And it even makes a nice, decayed, diseased Nurgle lander.

Do not adjust the horizontal. I already did!.

Body. Engine pods.

You can see the sinusoidal bit I took from the main tube using my tank and pipe calculator. The juice bottles just got straight cuts that I lined up after I cut the oatmeal package.

So you could see where this is going ... straight into the ground. I have a history of this type of thing:
Like this
And this
Possibly beause they are such a nice scenario point. Or maybe I just like destruction.

Here is the undercoating of burnt mlech (that's a technical term). It brings out the plastic bag wads I used for dug up terrain.

Then we just paint 'er up and add a few greeblies.

You can even get some good elevated terrain our of this one ... if you dare to stand in the engine blast nozzle.

I think this counts as trash bash, even if I added the propulsion and some greebiles prior to the fuselage becoming trash.

A week and a half later, it was ready to continue. Okay, I poured the rest out into a smaller bottle.

The white undercoat was supposed to give me a clean red coat on top. The red I was using is fairly transparent and doesn't cover well.

I did not get an even covering, though it is opaque. However, happy accident, since I was going for a "Blood for the Blood God" motif. This should work.

Now for the cockpit/nose. I just laid a piece of cardboard over the end and marked the width and length, then constructed the rest of the closed geometric shape with marker.

And this is how she folds up. Looks decent and takes the greeblies and extra panels well.

Giving us this as the finished product.

And the Khorney guys that go with it (I mean, as one option).

And traveling backwards in time, here's how the other terrain bit was made.

For me, other than eating take out soup to get the lid (not that you can't order like a bejillion from a supply store for a couple of bucks), the key is to cut the first shape out of the thick cardboard, then use that as a template for the others.

I just eyeballed cutting the inside out of the thin card. I didn't cut through at any point, but if I had, I could have just glued it on as two pieces.