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Adobe Afternoon

This is a quick little project that relies on the shape of this headset box to do most of the work for me. If you start out with boxes, stir sticks, wood glue, sand, and paint, you can kick one of these out in an hour. I did this one at lunch yesterday.

You could probably get faster with practice or by doing several at a time. The big limiting factor is starting with a box that has roughly the shape you want in roughly the size you want.

She Who Must Be Obeyed asserts that the biggest influence on how quick and easy such a project is comes from being able to look at the above picture and see this one in your mind.

No special techniques here. Just a couple measured cuts, folds and then gluing the flaps in place. The stir sticks will add just enough extra detail to this to keep it from looking so much like a box.

And one extra weird bit here ... the apple corer ...

... for this.

If you spirit is pure and your apple corer is sharp, windows to the universe will seem to open for themselves.

- Confuscious

Oh yeah. The box opens up this direction from the back. I was careful to glue the stir sticks in places that would allow it to keep opening like this, so I get a building with an interior as well as an exterior.

It's a different feel than a lift off roof, but not really any more difficult to open and close (it's designed for that, after all). And the roof doesn't get knocked off or misalign.

Here she is painted up and ready for the table.

I used wood glue and two off white colors, not completely mixed together to get the adobe look. If you dab the brush after brushing on the paint, the glue gives it just that little bit of texture.

The courtyard is filled with my standard wood glue, sand, paint mix.

This last picture was taken several hours after the start of the project since the biggest time constraint was waiting for the paint to dry.


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