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AKU and his Daughters/a>

This is a giant demon character from the animated series Samurai Jack.

And this is the giant something demon from one of the Magic, The Gathering miniatures game sets. Seems to be a good enough match.

This is a good start.

So we need to augment the head to look like the demon.

Here are the bits arranged.

This is how I went with the face. I sculpted a traditional Japanese demon face and attached the horns, fire beard/eyebrows, and the teeth in the mouth.

And since Cartoon Network added a fifth season to complete the story for the cancelled show, I also wanted a set of Aku's Daughters.

Fortunately, I have a HeroClix figure or two.

Each of the daughters got a different marital arts weapon and a different haistyle like the daugthers do. They mostly wear their masks, but I would rather have the unique characteristics of each instead of just seven ninjas in identical masks with different weapons.