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Geiger Aliens

This is a cheap set of (licensed!) H. R. Geiger Alien figures. Fifteen dollars for thirty five figures - 17 aliens and 18 space marines. In general, that is a very alien friendly ratio.

They are to plastic army men scale. So the space marines don't do much for me, but the aliens are a good size for 28mm gaming. They're a bit chunky with respect to the "real" aliens (yes, I said that), but that just really makes them more menacing.

Here are the different sculpts. It's a reasonable spread. For most skirmish games, ten of these dudes are probably a lot. Even if you just throw away the space marines, they are still less than one dollar per figure.

I little bit of 22 gauge insulated copper wire later, and a few of them have that second mouth sticking out.

If we add the second mouths, then we need to also add slime trails from the mouths. For this, pour some streams of fabric glue on to wax paper. Once it dries, you can peel it off and get translucent slime. Running over it with green ink makes them green slime vice clear slime. This is a great technique for lots of drippy slime things.

This is a horrible picture for showing off the aliens, but I thought it came out pretty coll looking.

This is a decent view with single and double mouths, and shows off some slime.

And this is how the humans usually end up in this type of encounter.