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Here are a bunch of female Heroclix, mostly with swords. There are a couple big groups of identical figures. For this conversion, I will use skin tone, hair color, and clothing to create unity amoung the groups. And I will use repositioning arms, heads, and weapons with some minor hair sculpting on the bald Jinx figures (in the lower right of the pic) to provide variety within the unity.

These are all Typhoid Mary and White Tiger. The tabbards were added and the swords were repositioned (or in the case of TM, who has two, some were removed). I think having a few lefties helps.

In constrast to identical figures varied, here we have varied figures unified by color scheme.

And the unarmed figures. Tabbards and hair added to some. The paint scheme unifies green, blue, purple, and caucasian skin on the original models. BTW, this color is Folk Art canela ... cinnamon.


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