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Ascension Tactics Boardgame Minis

These are two miniatures from the Ascension Tactics boardgame. Ascension is a deck builder card game. The minis game uses a deck builder mechanism to drive the use of minis in a boardgame.
There is only one of this mini in the set. But SMBO&I and DOM both signed up for the KS, so we both got sets. These pics are sets of two interpretatios of the minis

The big ugys are the "monsters". Instead of recuruiting them to your team with "runes" (money), you have to defeat them with "power". Then they play for you on your team. The cultists in front require you to recruit one of the cards that lets you summon and play cultists.
One of us went with symbols on the cultist scrolls, the other with text. And there are the other obvious differences with the others.

These are the Mechana faction minis. Basically, the steampunk faction. A lot of the non-mini cards in this faction build on each other like kludging together a jury rigged evil science lab.

Next are the Lifebound. Forest-naturey dudes.
The big figure got significantly different treatment. One went with a completely celestial night sky, the other a goth princess with stars in her hair.

Void - the destroyers. Not really evil, just happy to make the world a better place by killing the weak.

The enlightened. All about options and choice and exploiting the future.

Closeups of the big boss for the Enlightened. Like the card game, if you can get him, you're prepped to dominate.

The minis in play