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Check Out My Ass

Another statue. I like statues, as they really spice up terrain. Most civilized places have them, so this bronze one could work in a lot of different locations.

When using toys like this, you kind of just deal with the size you get instead of building to the size you want. This guy works pretty well with 28mm.

And he works well on the lid of a small peanut butter jar. The others here are various drink bottle caps ... quart size or so. I like the ridges on the caps. They keep it from just being a generic cylinder, which I could make, but the extra character for free is nice.
I like having the broken statues, too. A couple of those mixed in with four or five regular ones gives the ruined effect without every statue being broken.

And this guy, is gold. I painted him after I was done with the other ones, but obviously not before I had posted the pics.
He's the GOAT.