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Austrian Gnomes

This is one in a series of projects building units (the smallest autonomous forces) for Brigade Games' Gnome Wars. It's a nice little game, and plays well at conventions. We heard about it at the Old Dominion Military Society's semi-annual gaming conference. Had a good time at the con playing and really like the figures. So we got some, but, of course, we can't just paint 'em up and go, so here is our take on Austrian Gnomes.

We used the German Gnome set, picklehaubes and all. There are a couple of substitutions in the pic below. First we are using the Northern American (ACW Union) nurse instead of the German one. We think she will make a nice, stern nun. We are also co-opting the Southern American (ACW Confederate) doctor to be our Herr Doktor Sigmund Fraud. He will run based on the Swiss Clockmaker rules.

But then we added some custom figures for the close combat guys. Don't get us wrong. We really like the farmers with pitchforks. In fact, we have another project for another Austrian Gnome unit using them ... but that will have to wait. For now, we need a close combat Austrian, so enter some 'Clix minis to be (left to right) Arnold Schwartzegnomer, Gnoman the Barbarian, The Termignomer, and Commandgnome. All we really needed was some Knedatite to make beards. Gnomes gotta have beards.

We start with a nice black and silver color scheme. High contrast that will look nice on the table and match the Imperial Austrian flag.

The grenadiers all get porcelain ceramic steins with individual decorations, just like regular beer steins. One of the farmers was convereted to be an artilleryman - I cut the prongs from his pitchfork and added a tamper.

I think the nun and Herr Doktor came off well, too. The standard bearer is another converted pitchforker. The tuba player was a bugler, but a little consideration and some Knedatite made him more appropriate for Austria.

And the pièce de résistance (can you say that about Austrians?), the close combat squad! See ... the beards really do make the figure.

Here's an overview of the whole force. I did use up a couple of the farmers in this set, but there are plenty left for the other project.


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