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A Walk in the Park/a>

Woodland Scenics decorative trees (?) were on sale at my FLCS, so I grabbed them. i can always use some additional variety in terrain. A couple could be used to make a special garden, or they could be interspersed among "regular" trees for punch. In this case, the whole set is a botannical park.

This is one of my standard techniques. Bend the long trunk of the tree - the bit that is intended to stick into the foam base of a diorama - and glue it down, then cover with air dry clay for a stable base.

The bases get painted up sith dirt and grass ot indicate uneven ground. You can see that the band is on the uneven terrain, and the dancers are on the "clear ground"

So the reenactors can pick a short path through rough ground or an easier one that goes around. I like not having squares for organic terrain bases.

Of course, there is no safe way to get past the goth chick ...

... so they head to another part of the park.

These trees are globs of foam left over from a home repair project. The spray foam is way too much for a single projectm, but once opened won't keep for a year or two until you want it again. So, I just squirt it out into shapes.

These shapes were perfect for a grove of (alien?) trees? Each is free standing on a bottlecap base.

Of course, the foam shape also works with scifi ship.

And scifi monsters that can fly in space.

And scifi monsters that can fly scifi ships in space.

So we get a nice asteroid park to play in.