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Bridhouse Barn

I go this mess(?) in the discount row of a Micheal's craft store. It a basswood (or maybe balsa) birdhouse. I comes assembled, but apparently this one was dropped or something. It came like this, as is for $2.50 instead of the standard $10.00.

Bargain. Cheap Terrain. Lots of Area. Customizable. Interior Access.


OK, thirty seconds and a few dabs of wood glue later, we have this. In fairness, I did assemble it loosely in the store to make sure I had all the parts.

Here are the mods:

  • Installed a floor at for the top section. Just a balsa slat glued from underneath. Not the best support structure, but certainly enough to handle even a full compliment of metal mins.
  • Added a door to the loft. Card stock held on with a duct tape hinge.
  • Backed the main door with card, too.
  • Added planks and shingles with a ball point pen. The nib is hard enough to engrave the soft wood and the black ink will bleed through paint. I get texture and shadowing all together.

And here it is painted. Pretty basic, but it will still make a fairly imposing and relatively decent looking structure onthe table.

Here it is in the context of a few 28mm figures. It's a bit big and chunky, but I like that for terrain pieces. Moving in open spaces and built up spaces is different, and if our rules don't implement that, our terrain can.

And one last photo, in a game, in the company of my cheap village made of smaller craft kits and birdhouses. Again, not a set of museum quality terrain pieces. But they do the job, look good enough to let suspension of disbelief sink in during a game, and the entire table still costs less than $40.


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