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Box Buildings

More buildings repurposed from boxes. I like this box from Twinnings tea since it has a built-in hinged roof, for easy interior access later on. I also like the tea.

I have cut a rectangle down from the top of the box on the front and give it three folds.

Bottom fold out and the next two folds in lets it assemble into a counter sticking out from the building.

The extra bonus for the lid is that even though the cut out section starts at the top of the front panel of the box, the lid covers the top part and makes it a window. Much easier than cutting three sides of a window out. This is a nice little box for this type of project. Now we just decorate it.

Posters! I resized a bunch of public domain posters and slap them up on the side of the building. But why is there a giant cowboy there if the posters are Japanese?

Because he is a prop cowboy (from some Lone Ranger 'Clix game that tanked, these figures make good statues and people in mascot costumes for 28mm) in front of a Tex-Mex bento shop!

I've never had a Tex-Mex bento, but I believe that such a thing exists.

First Step - eat all the stroopwafels!

Pro Tip - It's pronounced "STROHP-waffel", the "oo" is always (AFAIK) prounounced with an English long O sound, not the English "oo" sound. It's a Dutch word that means "I am trying really hard to put my body into a sugar coma."

But this is an intersting shape box, so it should be used for an intersting building.

Also, you probably mispronounce gouda the cheese. It's pronounced just like Gouda, the town in the Netherlands.

I got a smooth white spray paint, but then went over it with white acrylic, mixed with a little glue. I used vertical strokes, which gives an up and down texture to the surface of the building. Interesting.

Then I got out my butterfly hole punch and an sci-fi door. Not sure what goes on in this building, but I bet it is interesting.

Apparently, I didn't take a pic of the nekkid box for this one. However, like this - inverted, with patches of tape, and some sand textured paint, you can see what I saw in the shape of the lid opening. Primitive temple.

I did glue the foliage on the temple. It limits the usage to a small degree, but it is really a pain to both make and store small bits like that if you want them to interchange.

And last, but not least ... a bank, not a box.

Well, I am using a box to put an entryway on the cupcake bank, so I guess this counts as a "box building". Basically, that little bit there folds up into a three-sided outhouse (no back wall ... don't use as an outhouse!).

And just splorches on the front of the cupcake.

I left the tissue box pattern on the outside of the entryway because I thought it colourwise fit with the whole cupcake theme.

As well as a random, very specific cupcake restraunt in townm this will also work well with my shoe house for Gnome Wars gnomes. That's why the Kurbistruppen are here.