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Giant Volkswagen Beetle from Outer Space

In the garage sale room (or whatever it is called) of Historicon, I picked up a couple of good deals. But that didn't stop me from looking for sweeteners to go with them. I got a couple resin models basically as a gift with purchase of a bunch of other stuff. One of them was a 1:35 Volkswagen beetle. Not really my scale, but it is a great piece nonetheless, and a great piece of conversion fodder.

When I said the words "giant beetle" out loud, the words "from outer space" just naturally came next. So, I've outfitted him with a six LEGO Bionicle pieces as legs and some EM-4/GZG leftover weapons in the front. All the extras are held on with Knedatite (green stuff).

Looking at it after I had spruced it up a bit, the splorch where the legs go into the body did not appeal to me. I needed to hide that joint behind something. Unfortunately, I had already turned the wheels that came with the model into a bruning (four) tire pile. But, I still had some nice pieces left over from another project

Once again, I reach for the Krylon Fusion as primer. I have four different materials - LEGO, hard ABS (the weapons), resin, and clay. I always like a bargain, and Krylon fusion is a great deal, even if it costs more since it give such a good, even surface to paint.

It kind of looks like a rendering in the photo, no?

I went with a classic ugly 60's color, and of course, the flower power insignia for the roof. If anything would get you to run from this monster, that paint job would be it!


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