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Brain Monsters

These are sprues - the punch out frames from a board game. This one makes a nice grid. Pretty useful

When I cut them like this, it makes one "big" frame and two "small" ones.

The small frames attach to the full 3x3s and create a "ledge" that the big frame (with some cardstock as a floor) can rest upon.

Rinse, repeat gives us multiple floors

This cut plan turns the 3x3 into a bunch of U frames.

That can run laterally between the other sets to make a 3x3x3 building. It's reasonably stable, given the two types of cross-brace.

Here's a scrappy little roof bit.

And a ground bit with some air dry clay to hold up the 3x3x3 frame.

Resulting in this mounted version, which is even more stable.

And several extra frame bits have been added, as well as globs of glue, which will dry and give an uneven, wrecked surface effect.

So, leaving that bit to dry, here are some more frames, this time bent into a rectangular prism.

Two horizontal ones in a T and one vertical one to go on the end.

Two sets of overlapping bits for the T show how we can double up to reinforce the structure.

And th secret to this one ... not finely manicured nails, but that little gap in the frame that lets one fit over the other so they interleave.

Giving us this structure, which is pretty sturdy due to doubling the frames a every joint.

Will it hold up sixteen tons of coke and steel? No. But it's good enough to hold up metal minis.

Now, moving on to another concept ... saltine cracker boxes are already nice column type buildings.

But for the destroyed ruin feel, I cut them both in half. One in roughly 50/50 half and the other in 70/30 pieces.

Since these are hollow or empty, we need roofs for the top of the buildings.

I cut a rounded square to fit in the box, then custom risers for each one, to let a figure stand in cover.

And mount them all on one board with one figure base (plus some extra fudge margin) between them to make nice alleys.

They all get painted black with grey and white highligts to make some good ruined buildings.

Narrow passages. Cover. Select open lanes of fire. Elevation. Rough terrain in the way. Everything you want to fill your board.

But why stop at everything? Added to this 'scape is a Chinese food container building. Just the box with a door and bottle cap added.

And more and more boxes. This time with some nice breeblies.

And a little more colour added to the roofs and domes.

To use these doors, I have to cut a hole in the box, so the door lays flat against the wall.

And you get some nice modern/near future terrain.

With lots of little nooks and hidely places.

And different elevations.

OK. Back to the frames. Different frames this time.

And a different motif.

In addition to the greeblies (tiles, girder bits, etc.), I am adding the green.

Even to the inside, to make a nice overgrown area. Maybe the postapoc objective since it has plants and, ostensibly, good water.

And a combo of frames and crackerboxes. With a nice postmodern drippy paint job.

With no middleground, we get the rooftops ...

... and the ground.