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Building Up Some Terrain

So, after Christmas, a bunch of kids' toys went on sale. And I went saleing! I really have no idea why these two sets went on sale. They're building blocks. Like people don't buy that all year round...

This is what the first set (<$30) looks like laid out. So, for a reasonable price, it covers about a 2'x3' area fairly densely, and that's still with some elevation. My first instinct was to paint them up, but looking at them out of the box, they're quite beautiful. So I think I can just leave them like this for a while.

They scale well with 28mm figs. The hieight is a little low, but not too short. As buildings and blocking terrain, they fill up the space well, are pretty stable and create a reasonable illusion.

These are pretty flexible stylistically and will work with different genres.

Including some really weird ones.

You can even make a Gothic Cathedral shape ... now if I just new of a game that used Gothic architecture ...

This is the other set. This shows a very dense 3'x3' area covered for less than $30.

Some of the blocks would work fine as they are.

But others really needed to be stacked to work with 28mm. You can see how low the wall is in this case. So I really need to do something more with them.

Like this. About half of them got glued together and then painted with grey paint, PVA, and flour for a cementy texture. Then I hit them with a black wash, and viola ... nice blocky ruins!

For the rest (not quite all the rest, actually), I went with a scifi theme. I glued them together to make fortifications and added some thin cardboard plating to them.

They painted up reasonably well and their short height lets my 28mm guys peek out from behind them, which is a reasonable visual, even if you wouldn't want to do it in real life.

So half of a set gave me a decent 2'x2' area of fortifications. Of course, one of the big benefits is they can be reconfigured easily, depending on your needs. And they store easily.

In fact, it wasn't until I was stacking them to put them away that I realized ... Oh, yeah ... they're bocks ... I can stack them.

This fortress is about 12"x9" and has a farily imposing look to it.


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