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So, you gotta love these guys. They were on sale, so I got three of them. But especially with something this big, I didn't want them all identical. So a simple head reposition should do it.

I just sliced off the necks of two of them (leaving the other one in the position it came) and bridged the gap with some copper wire.

Now a bit of modeling compound where the neck was.

I used wood putty for these because it dries fairly quickly, is pretty rigid, and takes paint well. Also, I had just done some work on a door in the house and had a tiny bit left over.

Here they are together.

Now the plain ones can serve as to work with the dismounted figure or as a pair of monsters that aren't quite identical.

After I was done, I decided to "roll" the wings a bit. Basically, since these are soft plastic, you can deform the wings, hold them in place for a day with a hair clip, then let them unroll back toward their molded shape. They don't get quite back to normal. I think this close up shows the minor variation you get. Many times you get that minor variation from bad packaging.


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