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Weird SciFi Terrain

This is a typical cheap dinosaur skeleton toy. I've used smaller ones and bits and parts for figures for my Zombiesaurus Rex vs Tricerinator game.

This time, I want a big terrain piece skeleton rather than zombie dinos.

I am going to use one half (the half with the tail) as a big continuous terrain piece, then the rest as bits. The cross-shaped socket where the arm and leg bits had to be hollowed out to look less manufactured.

And I ran over it with two layers of white paint. I didn't prime the bones since I like the yellow color as an undertone and the paint doesn't stick well to the plastic, giving a mottled, weathered look.

The skull, however, has a big seam down the middle.

Air dry clay to the rescue! I use a bit of household adhseive, my go-to for basing figures and big terrain piece glue, to keep the clay in place.

Of course, if I had the benefit of hindsight, I would have done this before I painted them. Well, get the brush back out.

Now a simple black wash to highlight all the crevases and other details.

The skull is still a headache (he he), since the clay took the watered down black paint I use as a wash much differently than the painted plastic (and unprimed) bone surface).

A little dry brushed white over the top keeps some of the wash but hides the rest of the discrepancy.

Haw! I will never understand the irrational excitability of women!
Miss Pompelmuss, you may rest assured that as terrible as this creature once was, he hasn't had as much as a bite in over two-hundred-million years!

I know it was a scion of evil, but, you know, as a druid I still kinda have a pull of sympathy when a little baby anything dies. Right, guys?

... Guys?