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Giant Stompy Robot

A new giant stompy robot project.

Yes, that's an Optimus Prime. But it will get better.

And it was available online as a left-over, so it was only $5.16

... did I mention it is 16" tall? GIANT stompy robot!

So the first thing that had to go was the head. It's too "Transformers" and its waaaaay too small.

Fortunately, I had a dead mouse (the computer kind, there in the middle lower) and a dead set of headphones to convert into the head.

I glued the mouse on the pivot that had the head and then built a neck brace out of thin cardboard.

Once that set up, I put the "ears" on it. I don't know what those ear side things with the antennae are, but they're on all the anime robots, and I like them for this.

See? Pretty cool.

I was going to saw the hands off, too, because I didn't like them. But the plastic is pretty thick and it would have been a major effort with lots of risk to chip and break.

Instead of replacing them, I got some spare Lego Bionicle bits and spriced him up a bit.

Then, I painted him up. Pretty simple, but nice effect.

This paint scheme matches one of my imagination armies - dark brown boots, khaki pants, green shirt, maroon jacket.

I like how the details came out. The medals looked really horrible, like color splotches, but I squared them off with a black ultra fine pen and the turned out reasonable.

The unit number on the other side is a bit hard to see in this pic, but I like it, too.

Also ... bullet holes! I put a bunch of battle scars and bullet holes on him before I painted him up. This is a working bot, not a parade ground bot.

Here's an indication of size, not towering over, but taller than an AT-AT.

And a last cool bit. Mouse wheel.

I painted the mouse wheel metallic silver, then went over sections of it with blue, green, gold, and bronze. After all that painting and the clearcoat on top, it still turns.

So I have a battle damage indicator. Or power level. Or kill counter. Whatever the scenario calls for.

With four colors, I get seven statuses (blue, blue-green, green, green-gold, gold, gold-bronze, bronze) without getting fancy. And it was all built in for me!


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