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Abby Whom?

This idea started out with the Space Cadets! Kickstarter. Among the really cool aliens and scifi guys I got there was some other miscelaneous stuff. Brain in a jar was a bonus. I got five.

Ann obvious thing to do (other than leave one as it is for an objective marker) is a stopmy robot host. This is a MechWarrior Crimson Hawk, which will make a nice robo base. I'm pulling his backpack and big guns off to make a more generic build.

Next up is this HeroClix WonderMan figure. I like the basic pose, but if I put the right arm down a big and use the open hand from the Arcane torso there, I think I can get a good Heisman pose.

I had a few body segments left over from a giant bug project, so I kludged some together and added other MechWarrior bits to make a giant cyber worm. I like the camera - its a MechWarrior shoulder bit (the attachment pin shape will make a nice lens) on a plastic dinosaur neck. Hey ... go weird or go home!

Did I mention this guy would be decapitated? Well, he's carrying a brain in a jar like a football. Needs to be decapitated, with just a bit of spine sticking up. Well, too much spine, but you need too much in this case to be visible and give the effect.

Here's the bot painted up in a nice lab environment. Looks like he's trying to cobble together more of a fleshy host environment.

Maybe he would be a good addition to the Compte du Masque line ... could be the mask is the high-end, upgraded brain jar on a flesh body. This would be an early stage.

Speaking of fleshy bodies, here's the final on this one. The pose came out just like I wanted. Drive the team across the field ...

And the brainworm. Generic BPRD guys trying to face him down. I wish them luck.

And, signing off, a special little surprise.

Just smile and wave, boys ... smile and wave ...


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