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More Brain!

So this is one of the extra half brains left over from this brain project. Looking at it like that, it has kind of an icky prehistoric early evolutionary bug form, so I'm going with that.

So this is the cut up "spider skeleton". I didn't use the thorax sekeleton bit.

It it just happens to fit perfectly here to cap the hole in the brain. You can also see that I added some snall tin foil ball eyes.

No, it's not a tropical bug. But in making these palm tree stands, several of the trees were too tall. So I cut the base off until I got the right height. But I didn't throw out the bits of trunk ... oh, no, never throw stuff out ...

Especially when it can make nice feelers/tentacles, whatever around a gaping maw.

And you put it all together, and these Hoplites are going to have an interesting time of it!