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What do we have here?

So we ready a set of spider legs and claws for one type of brain monster and a pair of wings and a stinger tail for the other type.

And we assemble them. And we add a base with a drywall anchor glued to it. This will be the bases for the flying ones.

Grey brains? Yep. Grey brains.

But not just grey. The walkers get a metallic blue wash and the fliers get a metallic red wash.

To mount the filers, I drill a little hole in the bottom with my XActo knife, and glue in a bit of toothpick. The top (well, the bottom, but it's at the top of the flier base) of the drywall anchor is cut off and will take the other end of the toothpick when the flier is glued on.

Two types are not enough. So I have this brain candy mold to line with cooking spray.

To keep the Crayola air dry clay from sticking. I made two sets to guard against cracking whild drying. It turned out that all four sides dried evenly without problem. So I will have to find other projects for the other brain.

Once dried, glue the two halves together and use some liquid latex to fill in the gaps between the halves.

And a nice metallic green undercoat. For the big one, I am using an undercoat and then grey on top instead of a basecoat with metallic wash.

And for the third size ... an intermediate one ... squishy brain balls

And even though spiders don't have endoskeletons, these Halloween decorations will make good bases.

The walkers.

The fliers.

And a nice horde of brains comin' at you!