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Brain Monsters

As a follow-on to the previous brain monster project using some cheap brain erasers, I've made some more retro 50's alien invader brains.

I am starting with these 3" tall HeroClix Awesome Android figures. I often use these for giant 28mm figures. The pretty much always need new heads, so these guys are perfect.

Only an alien intelligence would consider cats to be "being's best friend". I'll leave it up to you whether or not that is because of advanced civilization or just plain alienness.

Regardless, I'm using these, too.

So, decapitations all around come first.

Then add some brains and a base colour ...

... for both man and beast.

Now we add some highlighting and shadowing.

But the piece of resistance is going to be big, googly, 50's style monster eyes. Made with these beads.

Resulting in this!

Since too much is never enough, I am moving on to putting a few ligs and bowls togethet. The bottom bowl has a hole in the lid that just fits the small red piece of plastic pipe.

Then we put all the bits together and paint them.

And, of course add a brain. The pipe in the bottom lets me use the dowel stands that I have for other such vehicles.