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Zpof Monster

For this one, I will use the big figure from a Magic the Gathering miniature game, the same one I used for my Samurai Jack Aku project. But this time I won't need the arms!

Or the face, apparently. But I will need some Crayola air dry clay to add some more twisty bits.

... and a Tin foil tube?

Yep! It is the armiture that holds up the mouth.

So, I quickly grab some beads for eyes.

Which let me finish the face, built around the open tinfoil tube.

The open tube lets me add a big twisted wire tongue. More twisties.

Then just paint him up!

Ol' Jeb sees stuff like this all the time he hits the corn squeezins!

With all the twistyness, I think this guy looks a lot like zopf. Nom, nom.