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The Best Noise Marines Ever!

So, I'm starting with a couple of Space Marine bodies. The need cleaned up a bit and they will need several extra bits. But I have some arms lying around and enough spare things plus some green stuff to make up the rest.

Reasonably cleaned and based. In light purple, because they are going to be Slaaneshi Noise Marines. The cleaning job was a bit rough since I was limited to fingernail polish remover because of external constraints. Then again, I am going to Chaos them up, so I can live with it.

The next step is mohawks and kilts. Noise Marines gotta have mohawks. Its the late 80's vibe.

And now some weird bits. A pipe from the mouth and one being held lower by both hands ... where could this be going?

Add in some greenstuff pauldrons in dark purple and it's coming together. I'm painting as I go, which in this case is the equivalent of painting on the sprue before assembly.

Ah! Now we know what noise! Bagpipes. Space bagpipes with big mechanical exhausts.

I looked at many pictures of actual bagpipers to get the two bits of pipe in the right positions. I also planned ahead by only putting spiky bits on the right pauldrons.

And now some crafted jump packs. I'm using a bit of stiff wire embedded in a greenstuff pack. The thrusters will go on the ends of the wire once it has set.

And here's the finished Noise Marines, complete with blood red organ sacs to be the bag in the bagpipe!

I bet these even sound terrifying in the void of space!