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Unexploded Cow!

So, SWMBO got this going in the kitchen on my brithday (well ... our monthly game day the day before my birthday, but I got cake, so that counts) and I was like, "Uuuuuh ... OK." Cows are great. We have a number of running cow jokes in the family, so it wasn't shocking.

What I didn't realize was that she had emailed Cheapass Games and asked for permission to make a giant sized copy of our set of their game, Unexploded Cow.

UXC was our first purchase from Cheapass, and we love it and still play the original, cheap ass game. What really made me purchase was the first sentence in the description. If you didn't click the link for Unexploded Cow in the previous paragraph, do it now.

So, anyway, with the new giant cards, a huge foam die (which we alredy head), and little frisbees instead of poker chips for the money, UXC became a yard game at game day.

That ends up with play like this. Roll the giant die, count around for the cow to blow up, then throw a mini soccer ball at the inflated cow by your card (we added this to the game, but it is a lot of fun).

Also, speaking French very poorly helps. Especially with the city names. Ridiculing others' French, even if yours is equally horrid, is mandatory.

Here is a city card with a name (of a real French city) that is impossible to pronounce.

And this card is authentic. Since SWMBO blew up our cards at Kinko's to 11x17 (to fit into 11x17 poster page protectors), it preserves the fact that ten years ago, our cat chewed on this card. That's all Xeroxed damage, not real.

Oh, then you collect the frisbee/poker chips for your cow. It is also pretty much mandatory to chuck the frisbees at other players or into the pot.

Holding a beer during play helps your game.

This is also true for the regular version of the game.

The cool parts of the game like multiple rolls and destroying all the cows in your field are equally enhanced in the yard game.

Some things, like passing all your cows around the table to the left got modified. It was easier for people to walk around to the right. That was a lot of fun ...

... except, ya know, for the guy whose wife played the shift fields card and had him move to a field with now cows in it.

Some of the features, like spy cows, were helped by the inflated cows. In the large area of the yard, just pointing the cows back toward the player for whom they were spying was a bit ambiguous and tough.

Some things were exactly the same.

All in all, this was a big win.

Happy birthday to me!


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