This is the quintessential cow joke routine. Whenever animal group nouns come up, this routine has to make an appearance.

As far as our family is concerned, whenever you drive past cows, someone other than the driver is legally obligated to text "Moo" to the rest of the family.

SWMBO had just started playing Farm Frenzy, and it was really one of her first video games. Being a veteran computer weenie (though not much of a viedo gamer), I asked if she wanted any advice. She eagerly replied, "Yes." So, I informed her, "The cow goes, Mooooooo." She was not amused.

Though when cooking steaks, it is still common for us to say, "The cow goes, Moooooo." which is usually followed by a chorus of, "Not that one, anymore."

And, of course, since cows are only cute as cartoons, DOM will often observe that cows (and various other livestock) are "cute ... at a distance."