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Giant Scifi Bugs

Bugs start with eggs. So we have eggs up there at the top. But really, these bugs start with Defiance Games multipart plastic scifi bugs. There are eggs up there at the top, and they will make nice markers. But the real fun starts with getting them together. The main bodies come in two pieces - a one segment piece (that gets the head) and a two segment piece. Here's how they are supposed to go together. But don't worry ... we can fix that later.

But before we start modding, we should do some regular ones. Twenty each in greens, reds, and blacks not only gives us a good base of bug monsters to start with, but it also gives us some practice putting them together ... also some time to become familiar with the parts and ponder on how to mod them out.

One of the simplest things to do is to make a bigger bug. Here we can see a red bug made with two double segment pieces and one with two doubles and a single. The four and five segment bugs are noticeably bigger than the regular three segment guys, even at arm's length on the table. But with the two doubles, you end up with some extra single pieces. So you can make some immature two segment bugs by cramming together a pair of the extra one segment pieces. Again, you get a good visual contrast, so we now have some flexibility in different types of bugs, but with a simple and unifying paint scheme.

Well, what else can we do with the bugs? Well I made some stands for them out of floral wire, wrapped around the torso. And then used a candle to heat up the wire and embed it into the bases. Be careful and think this through before you do it ... we are not responsible for fires, burns, and/or the effects of noxious plastic fumes. Get a fan. Do this someplace with a non flammable table. Remove other stuff from the area. Like I said, think it through.

Of course, once you think it through, you have all these nice bug bodies suspended in mid air. So now we can move on to ...

Wings! These are cheap plastic butterflies. The wings cut right off and will go on the bugs' backs. The left over bug part of the butterfly will be used to make some additional ground level scurriers.

After legs and painting up, these can be the air support to match our other bug contingents. And we even get some nice eggs and larvae to protect.

And thinking a little further, we can give the bugs something other than the legs from the box. In this case, its arms and weapons from some RoboGear soldiers. Extra arms and weapons are usually not a problem.

And we can make some matching ground pounders, too. In this case, I put them squat to the ground to make them look a little more "scuttley" and less human. Less human to offset the fact that they have human arms and guns.

And this is not the furthest we can go, but just like using human arms on bug bodies, we can use the bug heads on human bodies. Of course, doubling up the RoboGear soldier bodes gives us a nice, high-tech Thark look.


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