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Giant Bugs

These are learning counters. Some of them are pretty creepy to give to little kids. Then again, bugs are real and natural, so why should we teach kids generic revulsion instead of reasonable respect and reactions. Well, whichever way you look at it, they are also bright primary colors. Nice for young kids. Not so much for tabletop, so we'll fix that.

Here are the spiders and beetles from the set. Twenty-four of each. Just below those are some smaller bugs I got from the Space Cadets: Away Missions Kickstarter. I based up sets of 1, 2, and 3 to be younger or smaller versions of the spiders. While they don't match in style, a matching paint job will help that out.

In addition to the ones just to be painted, we have to do a little modification. These are ... um ... caterpillars? Well, whatever. They are segmented, so they are easy to cut and paste without lots of touchup afterward.

I will leave some of them normal. Cutting off the heads and a couple of segments allows the heads to go back on some shorter bodies and then several extra segments to go on to make larger worms. Caterpillers. Dodecapedes. Those things.

And here they are assembled, based, and painted. It was a bit of an unfortunate choice to pick grey space marines to go with grey catormapedes. But it still shows the different sizes and how they relate to some pretty standard 28mm figures.

The beetles ended up in ice and fire flavour. Twelve of each.

For the spiders, I used eight big ones and one, two, and three of the three two and one little ones. In brown ...

... and black.

That left eight more. These ones are fire spiders to go with my lava terrain

Then some just really weird ones ... pink and black, rainbow, and radioactive green.


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