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Sci Fi Bugmen

More recapitations and more VOID Viridian figures. For this set, I am using cheap, dollar store plastic bugs. I am going for variety on these ones, so I picked three different types of bug head for the three fire teams, and a unique one for the squad leader. In terms of consistency, we start with the bodies, which are all the same. I also selected to give each one the same weapon.

During gaming, then, they should all have the same ranged combat capability (well, the scorpion has two guns, so you could pump him up a big). I think the variety should match their appearance. So the mantises should get some leaping and mobility; the beetles, serious armour; the horseflies, a real hard bite (close combat).

Painting them up, I decided to accentuate the body differences by giving them an all-over body color instead of putting them in identical suits with different heads. I like the balance of uniformity and variety I got with this approach.

You may also notice that some of them got wings. They come from the same dollar store bugs. I decided to go with one per fire team instead of one type with wings. The tricks for using clear plastic like this: (1) add it to the figure after painting (oopses!) and sealing (which clouds the transparency); (2) because you are putting them on late, use industrial household adhesive (it's the only thing that will bond well after sealing).

Overall, they look like they would be better in place in a more flamboyant milieu rather than a gritty one ... but I think I can keep them busy for a while ...

Now, the question is ... where do they live? Sounds like I have a project for the upcoming week!


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