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Nothing exciting at first glance. These are Starship Troopers Hopper Bugs that you could pick up anywhere. In fact, I swapped some vicious plants I had made for them at ODMS' Guns of August convention in the flea market. Not too excited about them, but the guy who had them really wanted the plants, so I figured I could do something with them.

I wasn't particularly impressed with the box or assembly instructions (such as they are) because they show all the models being assembled in identical fashion and identical poses. That's a shame since the acutal pieces have a decent degree of flexibility. Beyond doing different poses, I also swapped out which legs go where a bit. I may use this as a marker to differential "male" bugs from "female" bugs in some scenario (presumably where the different gender of bug has different stats. The difference is noticable, but subtle so you can see it if you know to look, but it doesn't hammer you in the face if you aren't interested.

Also, I did some other mods, the two with the blue arrows pointing to them are done straight (according to the directions). The red ones have their wings clipped by one section and I only used small legs on them. I ran out of small legs, so I had to splice and graft one section from a couple pairs of the large legs. These will be the small guys. Likewise, but opposite, I added one additional wing section to the wings of the remaining bug (red arrow) and only used large legs on it. Big bug.

So here are the small bugs with some German Colonial figures from Pulp Figures for size comparison.

Next the medium (regular sized) ones.

And the big one with a lot of "friends" taking interest in its presence.


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