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Bunny Girls

Superhero women.
So, they're mostly already in spandex leotards. That made them great for my luchadora and luchador conversions.
This time, it's bunny girls

Other than the paintjob, the bunny girls got ears, too. They are just snips of thick cardstock paper. I folded them at the bottom and curled a few at the top. Same technique as my orc bunnies! Clix (superhero figures) also have the advantage of having many poses without weapons, military gear, or other things. A nice open handed set.

However, those no weapon poses are pretty easy to add guns to.

And one of my all-time favourites ... ridiculously large close combat weapons!

My painting isn't awesome, but these are decent. Also, my photography is not always great. So I took this closeup. It blurs some of the details (like using high lighter as eyeshadow. But I think you can see that I used prism glitter glue on the legs to look like sheer tights.

And tails! Little balls of tinfoil, painted white and glued on at the end.