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Box Buildings

Some simple box buildings here.

Starting with egg whites cartons in the front, we can use the slope of the container and the puring spout. You need to cut the top bit off to make a peaked roof. The spout becomes a vent that we can add different things to.

And the bottom half of the container makes a nice shack shape.

Corrugated cardboard will make good tin roofs and maybe shutters and other bits that would look good as corrugated tin.

Several sizes of brown buildings with red and green roofs.

The tall green one got an open loft second floor by cutting three sides of the hole, then folding the floor inward and supporting it on the side.

Some of the vents got flat closures, some got fanblblades ( using this technique), and some got little ball vent covers.

All in all, a nice little shanty town or set of industrial buildings.

You can get a good uniform look (very industrial) and lots of options for cover, elevation, and alleyways to constrain line of sight and movement

Man cannot live by eggwhites and orange juice alone. Enter, Pop Tarts.

A good set of soild, uniform structure shapes. This time, I cut a diagonal at the top to give me two angled roof edifaces. The two story ones are slios or storage buioldings, and the low ones a sheds.

These ones have corrugated cardboard on the inside of the building and are wrapped in the paper removed from the cardboard to show the corrugations.

The big ones lost their flaps, so you can lift them and put things under/inside. The sheds have roofs hinged on with duct tape.

The paper gives us a nice building texture. These will fit in nicely with the others.

This is a saki carton with the contents side covered by paper, like the last building. There's a template to cut a window.

And add a counter. We'll leave the illustrations on the sides to look like buildings pained with wall mural ads.

But have a standard, functional front.

Not even pop tarts and sake is enough variety ... let's add a crackerbox!

The duct tape is more for texture on the building than it is for structural support. We're going for a post modern look here.

And why not have a fancy topper? Maybe it's a restaurant where you can get fancy mirowave ramen?

But we haven't post moderned it enough. What goes with squares? Round bits!

Here we've traced the inside of the tape tubes. Half a circle, a rectangle that is the width of the circle, then the other end.

That gives us these pill shapes.

that can be folded like so ...

... and inserted into the tubes.

So, we need holes in the building to fit the tubes in.

Then we fit the tubes in.

A slice of marble track from an old toy up the side, and I bet you are green with envy!

The pipes/platforms make interesting tactical positions.

And the top "saucer" gets an old transparent vaccuum formed plastic container bit for an added bit of interest.