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OK ... you've seen this before and again but this time, we give you the rest of the story on Mon Calamari conversions.

Yeah, you saw it coming. Not bad, though. Superhero fishman. With Aquaman colors, but much much much cooler than and actual Aquaman. This guy will come in useful for all kinds of siutations ... alien ambassador, obligatory possessed superhero turned supervillian scenario, mayhem at the cosplay convention, etc.

But once you see all these conversions, you have to ask ... what happened to all the Mon Calamari bodies? What? You don't have to ask? Well, I'm telling you anyway ...

This. There are a couple other miscelaneous Star Wars bodies in there, as well. Lots of them are cheap, but have nice scuplts for head swaps. But not only that, the Star Wars minis mostly dress in that 70's-ancient-retro-future garb. That means if you get a handful from your local FLGS for cheap, you can paint all the bodies with the same color scheme and get your own 70's-ancient-retro-future army of flunkies. Everybody need an army of cannon fodder. And honestly, you would have paid the $.25-$.50 cost of the mini for just the head, so these guys are like, free.

Happy Modding!


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