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Industrial Ruins in 15mm

These are Hät El Cid Almoravid Light Cavalry, Medieval Spanish horsemen of, well, El Cid. Three boxes of twelve gave met thirty six total. Half spearmen and half archers.

I split them in two bunches - half will be regluar horse cavalry and the other half will be converted on to camels.

This is just a little bit about using this set. Getting the horses off the sprue without damaging them took a little work. First, I cut the center sprue off, then I was able to get the nippers in to get the horses off OK.

And this is the first conversion bit. The cheap toy camels needed a bit of extra space between the humps to fit the riders in, so the X-Acto knife widened the slot.

And this is what we get.

But the conversion fun isn't over yet. This is only half of them.

Using these Wargame Factory British Firing Line arms that you can get from Hoard O Bits, we can upgrade the other half to the late 19th Century.

I cut the whole hand with the bow off (I only ruined one bow ... the rest are available for other coversions into archers later!) and cut the arm away from the rifle butt and the hand. Then just glue the hand in place.

Likewiswe with the spearmen, take the whole hand and spear off the figure (I got all them removed without mishap.) and glue on a rifle with a hand still on it.

Proper procedure would be to pin the joint. I never do that and rarely have any problem with them breaking off. Then again, I don't pick up the mini by the gun and swing it around.

So here are some horsemen and camel cavalry with rifles.

Ready to ride up on the French in the desert fort.

Or ride out of the fort on horses after they take it.

The Medieval cavalry even work well with earlier figures such as these New Kingdom Egyptians.

So, all in all, these are some very flexible, generic cavalry that you can fit into a lot of situations.