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More Scifi Caps

Spraypaint caps, a juice bottle and a few different sized bottle caps.

Plastic caps give us some nice, round forms to work with for scratchbuilding as opposed to the boxy stuff we get from ... well ... boxes. They are also usually very sturdy, so they make nice bases for terrain bits.

So if you have a little box where you throw stuff like this (washed out, of course), every once in a while, empty it out and make some stuff. You can restore the bits you don't use, or just dispose of them.

This is pretty basic for a greeblie - the corrugated cardboard becomes corrugated metal for a door.

Round forms means we need greeblies that will conform to the shape. And we see that the spray cap already has details that we will just assume are blast shielded windows. Or maybe vents.

This is a basic paintjob, but for some utilitarian habitation enclosures, that seems to work well.

Pretty simple bits, but also pretty simple to reproduce and get as much of a colony or research station, or whatever you need. Especially since you tend to buy the same things, so you get a steady resupply of parts. And if you ever get too many (no, I'm not sure what that means either, but people tell me it's a thing), just hit a few with a hammer to make some nice ruins.

This is an odd bit, here. It's a holder for two bottles bought in bulk. That is, somewhere where two is "in bulk".

But these also have some nice shapes we can work with.

And their symmetry means we can have matching pieces with opposite curvature.

And this is where we were going with them ... fins! So this could be a small drop pod/surface-to-space shuttle, or just a fancier hab for a fancier figure.