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More Carnivorous Plants

I've done carnivorous plants

based on GW tyrannid Gargoyle bodies before. And I do them often. It's a fun little project and they turn out quite nice.

This time, I'm adding some more botannicals. Well, botplasticals. The nylon flowers, leaves, and stems from this on sale bit from the craft store will help this one out.

And a few aquatic bits too. Starfish, sea cucumbers, and eels. The idea is much like using the gargoyle bodies for tentacles ... why make it when you can just repurpose it. So these guys are going to have much nicer tongues than the other ones.

The process is the same as the other carnivorous plant project, linked above. Clay on a base. Gargoyles in the clay. Add a few bits like tendrils for the outside and broken toothpics for teeth inside the maws.

This gets us the basics. Still fun to do.

Here are a couple high-end ones. Two using four tentacles and one on a double base. It's a good idea to have a special ones, so you can swap them out to show stuff like damage or powerups.

On the left, we have a special-special - Audrey with a little hair clip to make a nice set of (wooden) choppers. I've used this technique with my tentacle of doom project

And Ophelia, on the right, opened up with a nice big sea cucumber as a tongue.

Here we have the leaves in use, and one flower partially opened.

And the basic ones with the flowers make Brussels Sprouts of Doom!

Here's an overhead of them against some ~28mm Medieval figures.


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