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Giant Conversions

Colossal Boy HeroClix. It's a "giant" figure, about 3" tall, so 12-15' compared to ~18mm figures. A good base to use for a 28mm giant. A small one.
More importantly, Colossal Boy thinks his his nickname should be "Micro Lad". So, yeah, you don't get to pick your own nickname. No argument. Hoever, CB explains that this "giant form" is actually his "normal form". Everyone on his planet is that size. His superpower is to shrink down to "normal" size - that is average human size, which is apparently the most common sentient life form size in the universe.

That aside, I repained him to be nekkid. This is a huge advantage for superhero figures. Many of them are in spandex, to basically really nice armatures to work from.
I also have a way to large sword from some toy. The dieameter of the hilt fits nicely in his hand, so even thought I can't remember what toy it is from, I am pretty sure it's a stupid big sword, not just one from a bigger figure.
And a shield. This is ... I think ... a team counter or token for some fantasy or sci/fi sports game. I like those games because I can get unarmed figures pretty easy from them.

The last pic just had two skin tones - darker base and lighter highlight. Now he is detailed and given a black wash. As well as arming him up, I gave him a gladiator like leather skirt. That was done with an old piece of 3x5 index card, but into bits and painted brown. The figure has matte seal, but the leather (including the boots and bracers), sword, and shield have gloss.
A 25mm archer, and a 28mm axeman give you a visual size reference.

On the right is Awesome Andy, a Marvel Comics Fantastic Four character. I love this ~3" HeroClix figure, because it is really cheap, so you can make lots of giants, cyclopses, etc. fron them.
To the left is HorrorClix Vlad the Impaler. I have a few Vlads, which means I also have left over ...

Limp hanging bodies, just right to go into this guy's hands.
I was feeling a little exotic, so I crafted a custom head. The eyestalks end in toy elephant feet. Using a small bit like this inside a sculpt helps me. It gives a specific size to work toward, so I don't have to eyeball (hehehehe) it.

And in case that wasn't exotic enough, here's another Awesome Andy giant, but with a toy octopus as a head and some extra arms. He also has a driver on top, that is just a Hulk figure with a GW ogre head. That combo makes nice trolls.
He's part of a theme set of aquatic monsters, including his pal over there an armoured dude on a hammerhead cavalry mount. A mini version of one of these guys.

And just some regular giants, painted up. The pet cat is just a regular plastic toy tiger. The dog is some monster dog I got in a job lot buy. In comparison, The HeroClix giants don't have the build of some traditional fantasy giants, but that's because they are scaled up normal humans (well, most of the big figs are). But I think they still hold their own in a scenario.