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Bosses and Brutes!

This weeks conversions focus on more of the pieces. There is a set of six sci-fi minotaur figures and a bunch of boss figures, which run across several genres (or just one ... anime mish-mash).

Painted up, you can see why I called them sci-fi minotaurs. Though unarmed (no blasters), they are wearing modern clothing - shorts, muscle shirts, belts and pouches, etc. Looking at them in the context of this Kunckleduster shopkeep, I could see them work in lots of genres. Sure, you have to bring a bit of sci-fi into your other genre, but, really, what was the completely genre specific reason you were bringing minotaurs into the Old West (or WWI, or 1920's Chicago)?

So here's a line up of the bosses. I haven't mentioned yet, and I do pretty much all the time so ... I used Krylon Fusion as a primer. Yeah, it's my personal preference. But for working with weird soft and shiny plastic like these boardgame figures, it's nice to know you have something that will stick to anything and provide a uniform painting surface.

OK, not a great pic, but it it shows the level of detail you get on the figs, which is pretty decent. The details are also raised up to a reasonable degree, so they are pretty easy to paint.

If I could take a decent pic, you could tell that the guy with what I call "anime hair" got copper, metallic red, and gold. It actually looks kind of flame like in person.

Face front. Turn right. Turn left.

Again, another look at some of the level of detail on the figs. I have no idea what the thing on the right is, so I decided to make it a statue. With the big wings, I think it works pretty well for that.

I'm also pretty happy about how the ape man came out. I couldn't even tell that's what he was in that solid blue plastic. However, he has pretty good detail and should make a nice character figure for my prehistoric retinue.


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