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Sci Fi Beastmen

I got some GW beastmen for less than a buck a fig (inclu shipping), so ... score! I lined them up into six sets of ten, which left me seven command figures (4 banners and three hornblowers) and eleven misc dudes from the smaller (regular human size) set.

My sets of ten all match type (goats, rams, etc.), the eleven dudes are a mix of different types, so I figured I would go a little beyond for them.

I removed either the entire spear arm or just the spear after I figured out what left of scifi weapon bits I had. These will go well with my ratmen and lizardmen scifi dudes ... aliens, mutants, Dr. Moreaux experiments, homonculi, and all other options. With lasers!

Between the last picture and finishing, I decided to take one of the big beastmen command figures (the third hornblower) and make a larger leader. So he got the bionic arm that was on a satyr in the last pic. I also chose to put the two heavy weapons on the two rams for ... consistency?