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Goin' to the Chapel

This is the Plasticville O Scale church, right out of the box. It's a nice little piece, and since it is not a solid piece, we can do a little work and add an interior for some good dynamic wargaming.

The first bit is setting up the steeple. I will glue the roof on the steeple, but I will not glue the steeple on the tower. This allows it to life off.

That lets me put floors in including a floor at the top of the tower.

The steeple is pretty rigid and sits on top of the tower without any assistance. The main roof was not designed to lift off, so it doesn't have any internal supports (it is supported by gluing it to the exterior walls).

Using the peaks of the walls as a guide, I cut some carboard joists to go on the inside of the roof so it doesn't collapse when you lift it off to get inside.

After you paint it up, it looks like this.

But the cornfield isn't a part of the kit ...

Using the same technique I used on my marijuana farm I made one patch of corn (more to come later).

Where the weed was just using 15mm bamboo, for the corn, I take twist ties, bend them in half, and twist two togehter, leaving the ends to stick out like leaves.

That gives me rows like this to "plant".

You can save your old twist ties or just buy a bunch of them ... they're cheap!

The inside gets detailed too. I just put some printed wood planking over the cardboard floor and painted the tower floors black.

Did you notice the figures in the cornfield from the front view?

We also have some at the windows, and in the tower.

And one in the front narthex. I didn't glue that door on, so it comes off to allow an "open door policy" when needed.