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Necron Chariot and Cavalry

I got a bunch of Necrons and some fantasy skeleton cavalry for cheap. A little damage, etc, but my plan is to combine the fantasy mounts (with some silver paint) and the Necrons to make mounted Necrons and a NecronChariot.

Best bit? No equipage! Painting equipage is not my fave.

So the first easy bit was removing the skellies from the horses and just mounting them on infantry bases. I only cut one leg off in the removal process, so I only had to reassemble one figure. If you can't tell, then reassembly was a success.

And the straddle poses don't look weird ... so no extra remodeling needed.

For the Chariot, I made a big base and added two of the horses. Those two horses didn't have heads, so I made a couple with some green stuff. Not too hard, since they are skulls - just a basic shape with eye and nose holes. No need to scuplt horse faces.

The chariot wheels are made from some plastic steampunk jewelry gears. They are big and clunky and will make a good Necros compatible feel.

For the body of the chariot will be custom made to fit four Necrons. Rather than measuring, cutting, etc. I am just going to fold the body up around a set of bases, then glue it closed.

For the other four horses, I am just going to make Necron Cavalry. Since the Necrons already have a a wide stance, they fit on the horses (which are a bit small) pretty easily.

I silvered up the the chariot body and put on the wheels. But it needed to be more Necrony, so I put a leftover spider skeleton body on the back to round it out.

Yes ... spiders don't have endoskeletons. But that doesn't stop Halloween toy makers. Been there ... Complained about that.

Here is the final product with riders. I added reins made from twist ties bent into lightning patterns and painted up with a day glo green.

The chariot is augmented with these four horsemen. They ended up looking nice, even if the two models were slightly different scales. Of course, I'm not sure what the referent is for undead robots from 40,000 years in the future.

All together, a nice supplement for my other Necron forces.