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No Dog's Body

This is some type of GW dog. I think it is supposed to be undead. I got the bodies for less than a buck a piece. I think the heads were two dollars each, but that would put them past my price point ... and I don't really need heads, anyway.

Well ... I don't need expensive heads. Those on the right are GW ogre heads of some sort. Ten for a dollar. And that will make a really nice fantasy beast out of the dog bodies.

And, I really don't need heads. I have wires and twist-ties, which will make nice tentacles and tongues for more bizzare alien heads.

Here they are with their new heads.

Which got me thinking about chimerae. The ones with the ogre heads look a lot like a chimera or a sphinx. Yes, they're dog bodies instead of cat ones. But that's well within my bounds of taking liberties.

So I needed wings, too. Thank you cheap Hero Clix Hawkman/Hawkgirl!

So here's how they just came together. Even though the right and left side ones both have identical wings, the different bodies and different head positions distinguish them enough so they don't just look like clones of each other.

As well as being fantasy beasts, chimerae are character figures. If there are two, it is likely important to tell them apart.

Here are the other two. I went back and forth on my decision to use a head with an eye patch and skulls in its beard. I decided it fit the idiom well enough, and it does look pretty cool.

Here they are in reference to a 28mm figure. Either she, or the circling chimerae (hey ... that's a good name for a band!) are in over their head.

For the chimerae, I used a lot of different colors and gave them a brown wash.

For these guys (...gals? ... its?), I went with a more minimal palette, but used the deep red in a couple different ways. Painted the inside of the mouths, dry brushed the brown fur and also used the red for a wash. I also used gloss sealant only on the insides of the mouth and added some glue boogers hanging down.

All in all, a satisfying experiment to make a nice savage alien beastie.


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