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Simple SciFi Vehicles

These are the black poker chips that I use to base 28mm figures. Cheap, sturdy, holds glue well ... just basically awesome for this purpose. And they come in that cool little plastic container.

Which is really nice for a 28mm scale scifi vehicle base. Just add some greeblies on top (in this case a bottle cap and a HeroClix turny inside base thing) and something to be propulsion on the bottom (in this case grav pods made from other 'Clix bases).

And you get a nice looking doodlebug.

I put some craft beads on one for exhaust pipes and a big gun mounted on a pill bottle lid (which will turn like a turret) for the other.

Then you just paint them up however you need them.

And with the good ol' chinese food container building (with 3D printer door), it can hide inside!

We can be more militant with some.

Or more spacey.

Or even make some nice transport for the police.

Since I did these vehicles months ago and hadn't posted them, I emptied a new container and had another idea. This time more of a logistics transport motif, with hints of an open gondola train car. I think the corrugated metal (well, cardboard, but painted like metal) in the bottom give these some needed industrial character.

So, here's Bargey McBargerson with a giant insect bot for scale. OK ... really to show off the insect bot.

This one will make a good transport for my Iron Snakes. Since there were four compartments that held bases for 28mm figures ... lo and behold ... it fits four rows of 28mm figures between the divisions. The bikes show that it comes out as a reasonable sized thing to fit in with other such things.