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Kaiju Buildings

I needed some skyscrapers for a 15mm human vs 6" kaiju game. Google Images is my friend. After I found the aesthetic I wanted, copied rows of windows and put them into building sides that just fit on the page two wide. This also left room at the top for a square building top and a damaged building marker as well as some parks (since I only need one roof and one damage marker for four sides of a building) to make a print-cut-play terrain set.

SWMBO hit them with a paper cutter, so she ended up cutting off the roofs. I was going to leave them attached, but it turned out better this way. More on that later.

With two building halves (two walls each), you just tape a hinge together.

I taped only on the inside.

The fold it closed with tape on the inside, sticky side out.

I bumped up the contrast in the pic so you can see the tape in the seam and on the left side wall being folded in.

Then close it up to make a rectangular prism. That is, a box.

A box without a top or bottom. We don't need a bottom on it. But we do need a top.

This is one of the roofs.

It gets some tape, sticky side up on one edge.

And then gets pressed against one wall on the inside, about a 1/4" down in.

Not putting the roof flush with the top of the wall gives you a little lip when you fold the roof down. This looks more realistic (especially for as simple a fold as this is).

And lets you fold and unfold the thing for play or storage!

SWMBO gets kudos for cutting the roofs off.

Here's the building with a ~6" tall Gamera (Fear the Turtle!). I scaled the windows to fit with 15mm figures, so I only get a five-floor tall "skyscraper".

But they were cheap and easy (even printed on cardstock), so I got a 3' x 6' area quick, fast, and inexpensive. Quantity has a quality of its own.

For the future, since the design of the building is open and it folds up/down, I will probably make some signs to hang over the edges of the buildings to give them some character. Different languages and logos. And probably to identify "special" target buildings visually.

And this is a regular paper box. Everything (plus all the rest of the damage marker, park, and other flats) from the above picture folds up and fits in here for storage.