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Fantasy and Sci Fi Conversions

Scifi Infantry without heads. They come from the Beyond the Gates of Antares game. The game was mildly interesting, but the minis are really nice. Even decapitated.

From decapitated, we move to recapitated. These are the Red Lantern generic Hero Clix figure. To break up the uniformity, I added some low tech weapons and random other heads, mostly Clix.
So, where did the heads go ..?

Here! This is the alien head from the Red Lantern figures added to the BtGoA infantry. Makes a nice savage squad.

So here are the savages. Fantasy, primitive, or postapoc, these guys will work well, even as enemies to their original heads!

I've upgraded these Aeldari with some Clix heads, too. Just enough of them to spice it up. OK, just the ones that I got in my second hand set that didn't already have the helmets.

More Aledari bodies with Clix heads, this time more converted into a nice scifi or pulp hunting party.

A few miscelaneous left overs. The type of thing the hunting part might just be hunting.

And some faeries. The base set is a Clix Wasp figure. It is spiced up with a variant and, of course, a specialized figure.