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What's in a Clix?

This horde of ogres (brutes, trolls, etc.) is mostly made from GW savage orc bodies and ogre heads. But there's a bunch of other heads, bodies, and especially weapons in the mix. The colour scheme binds the chaotic disparity together and the chaotic disparity breaks up the uniformity.

The guy with the pointy stick in front is pure random GW bits. To his right (our left) is GW body& head with a HC hand and a HC insect body for the other hand. On our far left is a HC (Juggernaut) body with a GW head. And on the far right is just the Incredible hulk with a mohawk added.

On the left, a hulk body with a GW head and left arm weapon. On the right is a hulk with a GW weapon and shield. In the middle, the piece of resistance ... a GW bits guy with a sculpted clay badger on the end of a stick, the weapon of choice by discerning miscreants and revolutionaries everywhere!

There are various HC robots/power armour suits with Matic orc heads on them. The orc heads are great, but I hate them because you have to affix the jaw to the head, which I find very fiddly.

And four civvies. All Clix, with arms moved around (except for the H, who is a Starfire figure). Doing something ...