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Cheap Plastic Cavemen

I saw a set of Tim Mee brand cheap plastic cavemen on sale on Amazon. The ad said they were smaller than regular ~1:32 type cheap soft plastic figures. So I thought they might mix in well with my 28mm stock. I figured the fact that 28mm already comes with size variation would help.

The picture shows what you get. Six sets of four poses in two colors. Forty-eight figures for a couple of bucks and shipping (which I got free!). They are the standard soft plastic cheap toys, so I heartily recommend using Krylon brand primer on them. It really does work with everything.

They paint up fairly nicely. There is a decent degree of detail. Certainly not master works, but they have well defined musculature, and texture on the hair and loincloths.

On the minus side, they appear to be three different scales of figure. They also don't repose well - the musculature covers the joints in a way that makes a clean cut tough. You would have to do some major rework with clay or have another out.

They are not really in the 28mm scale range (whatever that is). The figures are a little too big. Then again, they are prehistoric cavemen for silly caveman games. The fact that most early hominids were shorter than modern humans is irrelevant.

So, I needed some robotic cavemen for Zombiesaurus Rex vs. Tricerinator. For these conversions, I wasn't worried about a graceful transition where the cuts for conversion go. In fact, they look better with the jagged, inconsistent seams where the robot parts were added.

And lastly, if you have a few extra figures, you can always make a few orcs. The paint scheme and shield decor isn't amazingly amazing, but it matches the hordes of orcs I already have. Having a few orcs that are too big is never a bad thing, either.


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