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Zpof Monster

An action figure is still a miniature. And 6" action figures make nice giants and such. This time we're going for a statue. And besides superheroes in skintight spandex, WWE (wrasslin') figures are often dressed to make nice fantasy/historical figures. Lots of muscles. Not lots of clothes.

These figures are typically articulated, 'coz moving them in different poses is half the fun. A lot more important for wrasslers, too. A little green stuff and basically no sculpting talent will: (1) fill in the gaps, and (2) hold the figure in the right pose for us.

I've used this technique before and it holds up well.

Since our colossus has a spear (well, a bamboo food skewer), he also needs a shield. This is based on the principle I say so. And instead of scratchbuilding one, it turns out the inside of a giant 'Clix base has a nice Greek like pattern. Abstract enough to go with several milieu, but still distinctive.

And we just flop it all together, and paint him up. This brown looks pretty decent for a giant bronze statue.

A little shading and dry brushing to detail him. Since this will be an "active" statue, no patina or smudge.

And now he's ready to protect the troops of ... well ... whichever side you happen to be playing.